Our Welsh Language Commitment

As a Welsh Building Society, we are proud of our heritage, including the Welsh language, which is why we want to ensure that our Members, customers and colleagues can speak to us in Welsh, as well as make the most of our other bilingual services.

We’re delighted to have been recognised with the Cynnig Cymraeg award by the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office, as part of the recognition of all we do to promote and support the Welsh language. We pride ourselves on the options that are available for our Welsh speaking customers and continue to work on providing a variety of Welsh language services and facilities to our Members.

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Welsh Language Services

Some of the Welsh language services we offer include:

- option to receive your correspondence in Welsh, where we are able to do so
- ability to speak to one of our colleagues in Welsh on the telephone
- the option to view the Welsh language version of our website
- we offer bilingual branch signage and ATM facilities
- our financial education for young people is bilingual including our website www.sgwadsafiodylan.cymru and Cuddfan Dylan App

You can find out more in our Welsh Language Policy. 

We’re here to help

If you would like to find out more about our commitment to the Welsh language or you would like to receive Welsh correspondence, please get in touch.

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