15 easy home improvement ideas

15 easy home improvement ideas

Last updated: 21/01/2022

Home improvement needn’t be hard work. There are plenty of worthwhile (and affordable) projects you can complete in a weekend, or even a few hours.

So if you fancy sprucing the place up, here are 15 really easy home improvement ideas.

Add a lick of paint

yellow window ledge

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to liven up a room. And adding colour is probably the most transformative thing you can do, so it’s time to get some pots of paint. If you don’t fancy painting a whole room, painting just one wall, or even a feature shape, can also be remarkably effective.

Bonus Tip:
Painting your window reveals yellow or light orange can give the impression of a nice, warm glow coming from outside.

Image from 70percentpure

Switch on to mood lighting

To create a cosy feeling, use more lamps in your rooms, rather than switching on the main light. If you already have several lamps, you could consider getting dimmers for them, to create a range of moods and atmospheres throughout your home.

Use dual purpose furniture

in stair shoe draw

Investing in furniture which doubles up as storage is a great way to make the most of space. TV stands and coffee tables are prime contenders for extra storage. You could even convert some of your stairs into drawers for your shoes. 

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And the second doesn’t have to be storage. You could get a sofa bed for occasional visitors, or your dog crate could double up as a table  or TV stand. 

Image by Zenya Adderley

Buy and update second-hand furniture

Rather than paying good money for brand-new items, shop for pre-loved homeware instead. You can usually pick up what you need from charity shops specialising in furniture. Then upcycling what you find will put your own stamp on it, leaving you with something truly unique.

Give your kitchen a facelift

To completely change the look of your kitchen, you could paint the cabinets. Or remove the doors altogether, for the open, working-kitchen feel that’s become really popular.

Also, tile transfers are a quick and cheap way to give the walls a new look, without actually retiling.

Use textiles for change up the feel of your space

Textiles can add so much to a room. As it gets colder, it’s a good idea to make the most of fabrics. Denser fabrics like quilts, velvets and brushed cottons make a space feel cosy and retain heat in the warmth, so change up your curtains to a thicker pair, add a few more cushions to your sofa and add a few more throws and blankets so you can snuggle up through the winter months. 

In the Summer, switch up your cushion colours to linen or lighter cotton and choose lighter colours to keep your space looking and feeling bright. Put away the thick blankets and extra cushions, and try finer fabrics that let the light through. 

Spend some time reflecting

If you want to create the illusion of more space, some cleverly placed mirrors can work wonders. The bigger the mirror, the greater the impression you’ll create. Putting mirrors opposite windows in small rooms will also bring in more natural light.

Put up window film

daisy window film in kitchen

If you have windows which look out onto the street, or a view you’re not especially keen on, you could attach window film. These are low-cost, easy to install, and can come with any number of designs . Or you can keep it simple, and just go for basic frosting. These will block the view in both directions, affording you more privacy, while not losing too much light.

Image from Dunelm

Add a chalkboard

chalkboard in kitchen

If you have kids – or just fancy getting creative – getting a self-adhesive chalkboard is inexpensive, and can be attached to any flat surface . This can be used to leave messages, write lists or weekly menus, draw dinosaurs… You get the idea.

Image from styleathome.com

Install a smart lock

Why not upgrade your front door handle and use a smart lock? This will look good, and you’ll never have to get another key cut. You could also attach a video doorbell, so you can see who’s at the door – whether you’re in or not.

Get outside lights

garden fairy lights

By dotting solar-powered lights around the garden – such as stake lights and fairy lights – you can create a magical atmosphere after dark.

Image from Guirlande Magic

Get indoor plants

indoor plants

House plants are a great investment, and breathe life into any room . If you struggle to keep plants alive, you could get fake plants, many of which look like the real deal. And if you mix and match real and fake plants, your guests won’t guess which is which.

Image by Oscar Wong

Deep clean rugs and upholstery

If your rugs and upholstery are looking a little tired it’s time for some soapy goodness. It’s easy to think this isn’t going to make a huge difference, but it really does.

Clean your windows

Sadly, the rain won’t do this job for you. But properly cleaning your windows inside and out will make a real difference to the amount of light you get. Plus having sparkly windows is a surprisingly nice feeling.

Get power washing

If you don’t own a power washer, borrow one for a weekend, and get to work. Blitzing your drive, decking, paths and patios to remove dirt and mildew will liven them right up. And it’s among the more fun cleaning duties!

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