Overpaying your mortgage

By paying a little extra regularly or a large lump sum, you can help reduce your overall mortgage balance and the amount of interest you will pay. You can overpay on all our mortgage products, including buy to let.

  • Reduce the amount you owe on your mortgage
  • Reduce the overall interest you pay
  • Alternatively come and have a chat with our mortgage advisors about reducing the term of your mortgage
  • You can only overpay up to 10% of the outstanding amount as 1 January of that year
  • The early repayment charge will only apply to the overpayments if exceeding the annual 10% limit
  • Overpaying on your mortgage is available to new and existing customers
  • Your monthly repayment will stay the same until you are able to switch your mortgage rate

How to overpay on your mortgage

There many ways you can overpay on your mortgage, you can:

  • Set up a standing order
  • Make a payment over the phone
  • Pop into branch to pay by cash or cheque
  • Post a cheque to us
  • Complete an online bank transfer

We will not send confirmation of your overpayment, however you will see the overpayment made on the transaction history of your annual statement. If you would like to find out your overpayment allowance you can contact us on 0330 333 4000 or you can pop into a branch at any time.  

When paying directly from your bank, including by standing order, please quote the following details:

Account Number : 90653535

Sort Code : 20-18-23

Reference : Your Mortgage Account Number