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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or device when you visit a particular website. Our website uses cookies in order to:

allow our website to work properly, and help keep it secure
make our website easier to use by remembering you
improve your experience by showing you information that's relevant to you
help us to understand how people use our website

More information about how our website uses cookies is set out below.

About this policy

This policy explains what cookies are, why we use them and what we use them for, and contains details of the cookies used on this website. We have also provided information about how you can manage cookies.

We hope that, after reading this policy, you will allow us to continue to use cookies to help maximise your experience when using our website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are short strings of text that are sent from a web server to your web browser memory when you visit a particular website. The cookie is stored on your computer but it is not an executable program and cannot damage your hardware or software.

There are many different types of cookie, including:

Session Cookies - These are temporary cookie files that are deleted when you close your internet browser. This means these cookies will not be remembered on your next visit. We use these cookies for personalised mortgages and savings calculations.

Persistent Cookies - These are cookies which stay in your browser until you either choose to delete them or they expire. These cookies can have an expiry date of up to 5 years. 

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us to collect information from you which we can use when you visit or use our website again. This means we can give you personalised information and you can gain access to your calculations, accounts and carry out transactions.

Some cookies are needed so that our site works safely and securely. For instance, if you register to use our site to apply for a mortgage or track the progress of your mortgage application, we will need to use cookies.

On our website, we use cookies for the following reasons:

To monitor how our customers use our website, which help us make changes to improve your website experience
To remember your language preference throughout your visit and on returning visits to our site
To collect demographic information and visitor statistics which enable us to improve the content and structure of our website
To collect data on viewed pages and suggest other pages/products that may be of interest
To customise content and advertising on social media
We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted social media, advertising and analytics partners

Some of the cookies we use collect information anonymously (so that we cannot identify you). However, other cookies do collect personal information which may be used to identify you, such as IP addresses. More details about how we use personal information about you is contained in our privacy notice.

What cookies do we use?

We use the following cookies on our website:

Strictly Necessary - These are cookies that are deemed necessary to the operation of the website, such as those that measure and those that distribute website traffic or those that allow you to log in to secure areas.  

Performance - These are cookies that track how well the site is working, identify any issues with pages and how you are using our website. We use Google Analytics and ContentSquare which are solutions to monitor usage and frequency data so as to improve user experience. Statistics created are anonymous. Want to know more? view Google Analytics or Content Square's privacy policies.


Functional - These are cookies that are used to provide services or to remember settings in order to improve your experience on our website, such as language preferences.


Remarketing - These are cookies that are used to optimise services and campaigns. 

If you would like, you can find a more detailed view of our cookies such as name and type by reading our Cookie Types page.

You can manage all cookies by amending the settings in your browser or using the toggles above.

Managing cookies

Through your web browser you can delete cookies that have already been set, or prevent further cookies being set.

Deleting the cookies will clear all cookies currently stored on your hard drive, but this will not however stop any cookies from being downloaded in future. If you delete cookies, any saved preferences and settings, such as previously viewed products or your language and branch preference will be lost.

Disabling cookies will stop websites from creating cookies on your hard drive. Please note that this will mean you'll be unable to save settings and preferences on the websites you visit as your browser will no longer receive cookies.

Please be aware that disabling cookies means that you may not be able to use many of the tools and facilities on our website.

Many browsers offer a 'Private Browsing' setting, which can be selected from the options. This allows you to browse all sites without any of your information being stored during your browsing experience. Please see help sections on the browsers to understand the full details.

If you have any issues with the above then please refer to the help section of your browser. Principality Building Society is not responsible for any issues caused by the changes made, so please ensure you are aware of what you are doing before making any changes to your browser settings as this may affect your browsing experience.

More information about cookies * can be found at the Information Commissioner's Office

*By clicking on the links you will leave the Principality website - Principality is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Questions & comments

If you have any questions or comments, or want more information, you can Contact Us or you can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows. Email: or Post: Principality Data Protection Officer, Principality Building Society, Principality House, The Friary, Cardiff, CF10 3FA.

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