Your Views Matter

  • 6th largest UK building society
  • A mutual building society, owned by and run for the benefit of our 500,000 members
  • Over 150 years experience
  • Taking care of over £10 billion of our customers' assets
  • Members can access a Member Rewards page featuring competitions, discounts and more.

Graeme Yorston, CEO at Principality Building SocietyAs the sixth largest building society in the UK, we put our Members & customers at the heart of everything we do. Throughout the year we conduct market research amongst our customers to help us understand more about their needs.  We use customer feedback to develop and improve our products and services so that we are able to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

The paragraphs below describe some of the ways in which we consult our customers:

Customer Satisfaction

We conduct a number of surveys through our real time customer feedback tool, Maze. Customers may be asked to complete a Maze survey online following an appointment with a member of staff at a Principality branch. These are very quick to complete and allow our staff to have direct feedback on customers’ experience across our distribution channels.

Member Talkback in Llanelli

Research Panel

Principality also has a research panel, which customers are welcome to join. Panel members are regularly invited to give feedback on new products and services or on draft communications that are still in development. This is usually via an online survey although occasionally Panel members are asked to attend face to face research or be interviewed on the telephone.  In return for participating in our research, panel members are entered into prize draws and may win shopping vouchers or tickets for Principality Stadium events.

Member Forum

Our members Forum is comprised of a small group of selected members who meet with our executive team four times a year to give feedback on new initiatives and advise on future plans. For more information, on the role of the Members Forum or if you are interested in becoming a part of it, visit our Member Forum page.

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is an annual event and an opportunity for our members to vote on the key issues around the management of the Society.  All of our Board members are in attendance to report back on the performance of their parts of the business. The AGM is an important part of our relationship with our members and provides an opportunity for them to feedback directly as well as challenge the Board on decisions being taken.  

AGM 2013 in Wales Millenium Centre

Talk-Back Events

In addition, we hold regular “talk-back” events around Wales. These are open meetings for members and an opportunity – particularly for those who are unable to attend the AGM - to hear about our business performance and to have their say on anything they have strong views on. These events are usually attended by some of our Executive and Leadership team who value the opportunity to hear Members’ feedback first hand.


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