How to complain

We always aim to provide an excellent standard of service. However, we recognise that on occasion things may go wrong. Our complaints procedure is here to help you achieve a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Making a complaint

You can make a complaint:

How a formal complaint will be handled

You'll receive a letter formally acknowledging your complaint. This will be sent within 10 days.

We always aim to investigate complaints as quickly as possible, but if your complaint is still open after 4 weeks, we'll write to you with an update.

If your complaint is still open after 8 weeks we’ll write again.

Payment services complaints

If your complaint is about a payment service (e.g. telegraphic transfers, faster payments), then we'll write to you with an update after 3 weeks if your complaint is still open – and we’ll write again with a final decision on your complaint within 7 weeks.

Our final decision

Our Complaints Department may try and phone you but we'll always provide a response in writing or by email. This will let you know our decision related to your complaint, along with our reasons for reaching our decision.

An email and telephone number will also be provided in every letter for you to contact us should you wish to discuss this further.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you are dissatisfied with our final response, you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service for review. If this is the case, we'll inform you in writing. 

If you wish to refer a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, you must do so within 6 months from the date of our final response.

You can view our latest complaints report on our page: Complaints.

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