You may have some questions about opening and funding a Principality ISA account.

Please see below for our frequently asked questions on this subject.

I've tried to apply online but I'm getting an error message. What should I do?

Please check that you have completed all mandatory fields and that all of your details are correct. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us on 0330 333 4000.

I opened my account online, how do I fund it?

To fund your new ISA you can:

  • Arrange a transfer from your bank account. To do this you will need to quote the Principality sort code (20-18-23) and account number (90653535) along with your ISA account number as the reference.
  • Send us a cheque. Our address is Principality Building Society, PO Box 89, Principality Buildings, Queen Street, Cardiff. CF10 1UA. Please make the cheque out Principality Building Society and write your name and ISA account number on the reverse.

I opened my account online and I want to transfer my ISA from another provider. What happens next?

You will need to complete an ISA Transfer Form as part of your application. This can be found on our Downloadable Forms page. The ISA Transfer Form should be printed, completed and returned to us in order for us to process your request.

I opened my account online and sent you my documents/cheque but I haven't heard anything. What is happening?

We will process applications and documents including cheques within 5 working days of receipt. Once your account is open, you'll be able to view it.

I opened my account online and my payment has been returned to my bank account. What should I do next?

Please repeat your original bank transfer, ensuring that you quote the Principality sort code (20-18-23) and account number (90653535), along with your Principality ISA account number as the reference number.

When I applied for my ISA online, you said that you needed proof of my identity/address before the account could be opened. What do I need to send to you and why do you need it?

The reason we are asking for this documentation is because we have been unable to identify you electronically. This could be because you are not registered on the electoral roll, we don't recognise your address or you have recently moved.

You can read more on this subject along with a full list of what we need from you by reading our leaflet "Your Information/Proving Your Identity". This can be found on our Downloadable Forms page.

I'm not happy with your response – how do I complain?

You should follow the normal complaints process. For more details, please see our page on How to Complain.

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