16 May 2019

Simple Summer Holiday Savings - Part 1

Whether you're booked and ready to go or are still looking for a last minute deal, there are always ways in which you can reduce costs when planning your summer holiday. The cost of a trip abroad can amount to a hefty sum, but there’s no reason why you can’t save some cash when booking your much-needed break – starting with our two-part tips feature…

1. Be flexible with your destination If you don’t have your heart set on a particular location, why not take a look at the offers available and be flexible with your destination? If all you want is a nice beach and good weather, you could save money by changing your desired location.

2. Research both Package and DIY holidays

A package might be better if…

• You're travelling to a popular holiday destination

• Going in a large group • Looking for an all-inclusive holiday

Travel agents will have lots of competitive deals for these types of holidays. Just remember to shop around and quote the lowest price you've been offered to other agents.

A DIY holiday might be better if…

• You plan on travelling to multiple destinations during one trip

• You are happy to plan each part yourself

From flights, a place to stay to transfers, this is one for the super organised person. But the positives are aplenty: you’ll likely benefit from a cheaper holiday, since you are doing the work a tour operator would do for you. Remember to use a comparison service to search for the best deals on flights and accommodation. 

3. Make the most of free baggage allowance

If you’re going on a short break, consider whether you can make do with the free hand luggage allowance instead of paying to check in larger luggage. *Remember that liquids over 100ml are not permitted through security* :).

4. Reserving your seat?

Many airlines now charge you to reserve your seat. If you’re travelling with someone in a group and want to sit together, then you can pay to do so. But if you’re happy to take the risk of sitting on your own, then this is an easy way to save yourself some money.

Published: 16/05/2019

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