Environmental sustainability

We are proudly carbon neutral since 2021, meaning we offset all the emissions we generate through running our business. We now aim to be net zero in scopes 1 and 2 by 2030 and net zero in scope 3 by 2040 (excl. the mortgage book), but with a significant reduction being achieved by 2030.

We’ve started to make climate-smart decisions that support a number of activities

Energy Efficiency

We’ve been transforming our workspace with Head Office upgrades including: improved energy efficiency of our lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and power systems.

Low energy LED lighting and motion sensors are being refitted across all our branches.

Diesel vehicles are being phased out from our fleet over the next three years.

We’ve switched to renewable electricity and green gas.

Video conferencing for meetings has become part of our daily lives. Used by colleagues and customers, it continues to reduce transport emissions.

Recycling & Waste

FollowMe printing was one of our very first initiatives and has significantly reduced printing and paper waste by requiring colleagues to log in to print.

All colleagues have access to recycling facilities and all non-recyclable waste is converted to energy where possible (depending on branch location).

Desktop PCs and laptops are replaced with more energy efficient devices when required and old equipment is recycled or donated to local charities.

We’ve used recycled materials in our Head Office refurbishment and where we can in equipment, such as re-purposed rubber tyres and recycled plastic bottles in our laptop bags.

Training & Awareness

Carbon awareness training is mandatory for all colleagues across the business to help build and embed sustainability as second nature.

With monthly meetings, campaigns and informative Lunch & Learn sessions with expert guest speakers, our colleague-led Planet Friendly Network provides advice on how to lead a lower carbon, more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Partnerships & Initiatives

We’ve partnered with leading environmental consultants, ClimatePartner, to help us gather data and measure our operational carbon footprint and we became a carbon neutral company in 2021, offsetting our operational emissions.

We’re working with Hellios to help us ‘score’ our supply chain partners on a range of factors, including their environmental sustainability and are exploring how we can support them to consider and reduce their environmental impacts.

Our Commercial Team are actively supporting the development of low carbon housing – check out our Green Fund Development page.

We know we need to do more. And we are. We’re just at the start of our journey towards becoming a more sustainable business. If you’d like to join us to create a more sustainable home, visit Your Home Hub.

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