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This page is for use by our third party suppliers and potential suppliers.

This section is to give third party suppliers and potential suppliers information to help them better work with Principality.

If you wish to contact our Procurement team about goods or services you provide, please complete the Procurement Goods & Services Contact Form.

As either a supplier or potential supplier to the Principality, it's important for you to have access to the procedures and policies that affect you. Please click on the sections below to learn more.

Purchase of Goods and/or Services

Where Principality has approached you to supply goods and/or services, you will be asked to provide a copy of official company details to aid in the supplier set up process. This will allow us to make payment due via our preferred BACS method. Undisputed payments will be made in line with our standard payment terms of 30 days.

Where you are asked to supply goods and/or services you may be issued with a Purchase Order to contract on, or Principality will negotiate a written contract with you.

Purchase Order

Where a purchase order has been issued by Principality for the supply of goods and/or services, the following terms will govern the transaction, unless Principality has entered into an alternative written agreement with the supplier. Please use the following link to view our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Should you have any queries regarding the terms please contact Procurement.


In some circumstances Principality will negotiate a written contract with you to govern our relationship. Where a written contract is entered into, Purchase orders may still be raised in line with the written agreement.

Supplier Relationship Management

Principality is committed to on-going relationship management with suppliers. As such, from time to time throughout the life of our contractual relationship some extra information may be requested from you as part of an on-going due diligence regime, where the level of engagement will be set by the products and or services that are supplied. Principality may partner with other third parties to obtain due diligence information from you and in some circumstances, to audit your operation. In contracting with us, you are agreeing to these measures.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

In order to better control our costs, we have implemented a purchase to pay (P2P) system. This system allows us to raise Purchase Orders (POs) in advance of any goods being delivered or services being provided. Only on receipt of a PO from your contact within Principality should you commence any work on our behalf. Your invoice should quote the PO number. Any invoices received without a valid PO number will be returned to you unpaid. Please read the letter about our PO policy , which explains the process in more detail.

If you have received a Purchase Order from us, please ensure you have read our terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and/or services.  These terms and conditions will apply to the purchase of any goods and/or services unless Principality has agreed alternative written terms and conditions with you.

Should you have any queries regarding terms between you and the Society, please contact Procurement.

Whistleblowing Policy

Principality is committed to providing an ethical and moral working environment free from malpractice, harassment, bullying, discrimination and breaches of Health & Safety. In line with this commitment, we strongly encourage Suppliers and others with serious concerns about any aspect of the Principality’s work to come forward and voice those concerns and not to disregard malpractice in the workplace.

Read more in Principality’s Whistleblowing Policy.

To raise a concern under the Whistleblowing policy, please use our Whistleblowing Contact Form.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Principality seeks to deliver long-term value for our Members through acting responsibly and this commitment extends to the products, goods and services provided by suppliers through their supply chains.

You can view our full Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Social Media Policy

This policy outlines the standards we require our third party suppliers, consultants and contractors (‘Suppliers’) to observe when using social media inside and outside of work.  It also explains when we will monitor social media and the action we will take in respect of breaches of this policy.

Click here to download our Social Media Policy.

Supplier Health & Safety Obligations

Principality expects all suppliers to operate in a manner which is safe.

The purpose of this standard is to set out clear expectations for our third party suppliers with regard to Health & Safety. This standard is related to CP-36 Health and Safety Policy.

It is important that this standard is followed by suppliers to ensure they abide by our Health & Safety requirements whilst engaged in work at Principality premises.

It also protects suppliers by identifying key requirements they must follow so that they do not breach their contract with Principality, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Click here to download our Supplier Health & Safety Obligations.

Supplier Security Control Obligations

The purpose of this standard is to set out clear expectations for our Third Party Suppliers with regard to information and cyber security. This Standard is related to POL-001 Information Security Policy.

It is important that this standard is followed by our external suppliers to ensure that they abide by our security requirements whilst engaged on a contractual basis with Principality.

It is also to protect our external Suppliers by identifying key requirements they must follow so that they do not breach their contract with Principality, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Click here to download our Supplier Security Code Obligations.

Third Party Privacy Notice

Here at Principality, we’re committed to protecting your privacy and making sure that we keep any personal information you provide secure.

This third party privacy notice sets out what information we will collect about you, why we need it, how it is used and what protections are in place to keep it secure.

Please read it carefully. (By personal information, we mean information which relates to you and can be used, either alone or with other information we hold, to identify you).

Click here to download our Third Party Privacy Notice.

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